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I find Hyperthymesia an interesting condition

Magnified View of a Motherboard Free PhotoHyperthymesia or photographic memory is a condition that refers to only a few registered recorded evidences. I find it quite interesting. To be able to remember everything must be a really amazing experience. No I am not hyperthymesic, but I want to make it clear that this is a strange condition of the mind and not a disease or anything. To think of it as a disease would be completely wrong.

All the research on hyperthymesia tells of one interesting trend. Not everyone is born hyperthymesic. But from a certain date, people begin to remember everything. It is as if some portal opens in the mind, lifting the haziness of forgetfulness from the memories. The idea of opening a portal is always enticing. It makes perfect metaphysical sense to me. In fact, to tell you a secret, I am waiting that amazing portal of memory to open for myself as well.

However, when I talk about Hyperthymesia I am also filled with thoughts about people who would not even forget the woes of their life if they are suffering from this disease. For them the life would be miserable. It is the forgetfulness that frees us from our past and drives us to takes new challenges of the present day world. My friend, it is better forget the ugly things in life than to remember everything.

One of the best picnics ever at my brother’s office

Pretty Girl with a camera Free PhotoCan picnic be a subject of blogging? Most people will say, no. After all what can be worth mentioning about the picnic we have all been hearing since our childhood days. I have also attended many picnics during school days but do not remember anything about them. But the picnic I am mentioning here has become unforgettable for me because it gave me my soul mate.

My brother is a budding designer. He designs clothes- fashion wears. We both have the common traits of creativity and designing. Lately, he and his two bosom friends have started a new fashion unit that also serves as their office. They arranged a picnic there and I was privileged to be invited in the picnic. It was great fun. I enjoyed every moment of the day. Their unit is located in an old building brightly lit with sunlight. My soul mate was also present in the picnic. It was this picnic where I was drowned in her magical charm and proposed her for marriage. I believe that the past and the future mingle in the transient present, which does not exist. Time is so relative, really.

Let me take you back to the picnic.

The food was simply amazing and there was enough for all. We enjoyed the delight of great food with the warmth of companionship. The memories of that picnic shall always remain with me.

It’s a Pink Floyd world

The pianoman Free PhotoSince the first time I listened to Pink Floyd, I knew it was my kind of music. There was this space feel to it which immediately captured my attention. I knew Pink Floyd was initiating me into psychedelics, and I thoroughly enjoyed the immersion. Their music is way beyond just amazing. It is something that mesmerizes. It has engrossed my senses and I am totally drowned in the magical effect of the music. The music has made an alcoholic effect on my mind and this I knew from the very first day when I listened to magical Pink Floyd. It took a lot of time when I could get to my senses back.

It was something that would forever stay in the memory of night and day. When I realized that the music perfectly resonated with my deepest thoughts, I knew I have found my music for life. A Pink Floyd world is where I belong. I have always belonged to it, and now I know more of it than I used to know. Now I know less of it than I am to know. Knowledge is a psychedelic circle, and a loop, which frees one from a loop. Very psychedelic all this is.

I aspire to learn guitar someday

Girl playing guitar Free PhotoMany dreams are not fulfilled by God. Learning to swim is one such dream which has not been fulfilled. The other one is to learn playing a guitar. I am always fond of music. I always wanted to learn guitar after one of my friends won a prize in a national level competition. But the dream has not come true.

.Like swimming, this is yet another unfulfilled dream. The dream is to play guitar. If I start playing my magical guitar, strange mystery will begin to surround me. This much I know. All I know that I have stopped the flow. The flow awaits, as I await things to fall in place. It has to happen, sooner or later. I felt much lost when I was unable to play the music. Maybe I did not put in enough practice. Whatever the reason, I ditched my guitar lessons as well. I was running short of money and time as well. I could not pay my teacher neither could I practice. Very much lost feeling it was, so I decided to kind of postpone it until I am aligned with my flow. Slowly the wish is forming now. I would start playing guitar anytime soon. Learn more about guitars: http://tomhess.net/Guitararticles.aspx